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The Experience is an exclusive annual gathering of like-minded small business owners who like to get stuff done. It’s for A-players and their partners and/or high-performing team members.

Serial-entrepreneurs and founders of Basic Bananas, Franziska and Christo have taken the best of the best from different events around the globe and created this summit for action-takers. They are personally hosting it.

You will not only discover the latest marketing strategies, smartest innovations and cutting-edge technologies for business owners, you will also get to mastermind and brainstorm with fellow entrepreneurs.

As business owners we can get so bogged down with running a business. However one of the smartest ways to advance your business is to spend dedicated time working on your business. You will be challenged to think outside the box and to things differently to get better results.

As with all of our events and programs, this is a no-fluff, no hype and no BS kind of event. We think you’ll like it!

Franziska Iseli & Christo Hall.

The Experience starts in...

Seven reasons to be part of The Experience ...

Be at the forefront of business…

Stay ahead of your competitors with the latest trends and technology being used by the world’s leading businesses.

A discovery…

You will learn from high-level speakers sharing tried and tested success strategies.

A brain-reboot…

Re-boot your brain and look at your business with fresh eyes. You will be surprised by the new found clarity, direction and fresh perspectives to take your business to new heights.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know…

The Experience is attended by some of the most intelligent, successful and fabulous business owners. You will grow your network and interact with game-changers in their industries.

An experience…

This is a unique kind of event designed to challenge your thinking and help you look at your business from the outside. You will experience many ‘a-ha moments’ and be exposed to a different way of thinking to gain new business results.

Business growth…

Attending The Experience can be ‘life and business-changing’ if you let it be! You will be challenged, pushed out of your comfort zone (just a little) and encouraged by fellow business owners.

A celebration…

As a business owner you work really hard and often forget to celebrate your achievements (small or big). However, celebrating is important and should be a part of running your business.

This is not your ordinary event!

Only 50 tickets available!

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“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Albert Einstein

  • Love love LOVED the last 2 days!! Loved the energy and fun, meeting so many new people, sharing our hearts, hearing new strategies I can take away and implement & doing some out of the box activities. Thanks for having me to sing too, check out #HoldOnEP for all the info. Still buzzing, thanks again!!

    – Lauren Ann

  • Thanks to the BB TEAM, & members for a “Great Experience”. What a precious opportunity to come together, make a new connections, and learn. A credit to all involved in making the event a success.

    – Dhiramani Mold

  • Thanks so much for two amazing days of inspiration and motivation. For your friendship and sharing.

    Colleen Harris

Program and location 2017

Saturday 6th May 2017 – Sunday 7th May 2017
Daydream Island

Who is this for?

Clever business owners
Team (spoil a team member or invite your VA)
The doers, the action-takers, the leaders, the innovators who are dedicated to growing their business.
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